The Sustainable Indian - a work in progress

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The Sustainable Indian started as an Instagram handle by Founder - Nidarshana Saikia Das.

Marketing Communications professional, Nidarshana left her corporate career in 2018 to pursue her passion of enabling sustainable living in Indian cities. While this sprung from a very personal need to provide a safe ecosystem for her children and her immediate community, it beautifully coincided with the UN Sustainability Goal of making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 


Nidarshana, currently settled in Hyderabad, runs multiple initiatives to realize this vision of Swachch Bharath.  



The Bartan Company


Eco Bazaar




Nidarshana's first project, The Bartan Company, was started with three women as an utensils bank. Within the span of a year, the project expanded to become a waste reduction company helping individuals and organizations to organize Low Waste Events in Hyderabad. Concepts like onsite-composting, zero waste water station, maid service, doorstep pick and drop of utensils - helped create and nurture an ecosystem hitherto unknown. Currently, The Bartan Company has two branches across Hyderabad. To know more, visit their FB page.  

The Eco Bazaar was conceived as an experience marketplace connecting mindful consumers to ethical businesses from within the city and neighbouring villages. Features like panel discussions, traditional games, nukkad nataks - all themed around environment made the Eco Bazaars unique. Pre-pandemic it was hosted once a month across gated communities in Hyderabad.  

Basic, daily use sustainable lifestyle alternatives.. some made in-house, some curated to make mindful living accessible and affordable. Online store, delivers pan India. 

To nurture the ecosystem, encourage mindful consumption and importantly, propagate easy to follow waste to wealth concepts for the average city dweller - Nidarshana has been conducting online sessions for schools and corporates.

Deep understanding of eco friendly products, Nidarshana & her team of waste warriors break into the cluttered #CorporateGifting market with handmades and homemades from traditional Indian craftsmen to urban homeprenuers.

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